Chemistry 2401

Fall 2021

2401 Introductory Organic Chemistry II This is the second-semester course on organic chemistry. The topics to be studied include: spectroscopic methods for the determination of organic molecules, including MS, IR, UV-Vis, 1H and 13C NMR; properties, reactivity and reaction mechanisms of the most important carbonyl-containing functional groups (carboxylic acids and their derivatives, aldehydes, ketones); reactions of enols and enolates; the nature and chemistry of aromatic compounds and heteroaromatic compounds (Chapters 13–19 in the textbook).

Course Instructor:  Dr. Graham Bodwell
Office: C-4018, CSF-3326
Phone: 864-8607

Lab Instructor:
Anne Sheppard -  CSF-2241 Phone: 864-8909

LECTURES: T,Th (09:00–10:15), C-2004

2nd Year and Above Lab Instructors Fall 2021

 Organic Chemistry, 8th Edition, P. Y. Bruice