Chemistry 2400

Fall 2021

Course Description:
This course covers the basic and fundamental principles of organic chemistry, which allow the student to understand the language of organic chemists. The topics to be discussed during the lectures include chapters 1-12 in the textbook.

Chemistry 2400 course Outline Winter 2021
2nd Year and Above Lab Instructors Fall 2021

Instructor: Dr. Huck Grover (  Office: CSF-3329 Phone: 864-3037

Office Hours: In Person: Tuesday 11:30 am – 1:00 pm Virtual: By appointment only
Text: Organic Chemistry, by Paula Y. Bruice, 8th Ed.

Lab Instructors:
Anne Sheppard  (  CSF-2241 Phone: 864-8909
Cliff McCarthy (  CSF-2239 Office: Phone: 864-8909

Tutorial Instructor:   
Sima Alavi (

Note:  All students in chemistry courses are required to complete Science 1807 and Science 1808 (Safety in the Science Laboratory).  No tuition is charged for these courses.