Chemistry 2302

Winter 2021

2302 Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy examines the quantum mechanics of simple systems such as the particle in a box, the harmonic oscillator, linear rotor, and hydrogen-like atoms. Topics also include orbital quantum numbers, spin, many electron atoms, an introduction to quantum mechanical methods, the electronic structures of molecules, bonding, and symmetry. Furthermore, electronic, rotational, and vibrational spectroscopy will be discussed as well as modern applications of spectroscopy and lasers.

Dr. T. Jane Stockmann   - Office: C4015  Phone:  864-8768

Lab Instructors:
Nick Ryan -  Office C4026/3041  Phone: 864-8099/4636
Steven Smith - Office:  C4001  Phone:  864-8743

Winter 2021 Lab Instructors Schedule 

Text(s): “Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy” Engel 4th (or 3rd) Edition AND
“Thermodynamics, Statistical Thermodynamics and Kinetics” Engel & Reid 4th (or 3rd) Edition OR “Physical Chemistry” Engel & Reid 3rd Edition.

Prerequisites: Science 1807 and 1808; minimum 60% in CHEM 1051 (or CHEM 1001 or the former CHEM 1031), Mathematics 1001 and Physics 1051 or Physics 1021