Chemistry 2100

Winter 2021

Course Description
Analytical Chemistry I is an introduction to analytical chemistry and includes preparation of samples and standards, calibration methods, statistical treatment of data, spectrophotometric trace analysis, gravimetric analysis and volumetric analysis including acid-base titrations, precipitation titrations, oxidation-reduction titrations, complexometric titrations and titrations in non-aqueous systems. Also introduced are liquid-liquid and other types of extraction, and chromatography with key methods of detection. Theoretical, practical and problem-solving aspects are covered.

Chemistry 1051 (minimum 60%) or former Chemistry 1031 (minimum 65%); Science 1807


Dr. Heather Reader - Office: C5015 Phone: 864-7280

Lab Instructors:
Yvette Favaro-Park - Office: C4001  Phone: 864-8743
Susan Hayward - Office:  C4009  Phone: 864-8909

Winter 2021 Lab Instructors Schedule

Lecture posting times
Tues, Thurs 12:00pm
Fri 1:00pm

Textbook:  Quantitative Chemical Analysis, 10th Ed. (Daniel Harris and Charles Lucy) bundled with the Achieve system (see infographic document)

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