Chemistry 490AB

Fall 2021

The CHEM 490 A Presentations will take place on Wednesday, October 13  from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. in C4002 and C4011.

Chemistry Honours Handbook (2021-2022)

Honours Project

A thesis, based on a selected research topic and carried out under the supervision of a member of the department, is to be submitted in the final year of an Honours Chemistry degree. Registration in Chemistry 490A/B is restricted to those students who have honours standing.
Students should browse the faculty web pages and discuss research projects with two or more faculty members in the winter term preceding registration for 490 A. These preliminary discussions will not be construed as a firm offer or acceptance of a particular research project. A recent link to a list of projects can be found here. Students should then confirm that they have a project with one supervisor. An e-mail should then be sent to the course coordinator and cc'd to the supervisor stating the title of the project and the supervisor's name. Selection of a project should be done as early as possible. The deadline for accepting a project is normally the first Friday of classes in the fall.

All 490A/B candidates are required to give two oral presentations, a proposal and a final "defense" seminar. They are also required to submit a thesis which describes the research completed as part of the requirement for 490A/B. The Honours thesis will be assessed by the supervisor and one other faculty member. Chemistry 490A and B, combined, account for 6 credit hours toward the required total of 120 credit hours of an honours student's degree program. Therefore, the same time commitment is expected as for any other pair of courses contributing 6 credit hours towards the degree. This is, on average, 9 hours per week for 13 weeks in each of two semesters or the equivalent.

It is the responsibility of both the student and the Supervisor to be familiar with all pertinent departmental, faculty and university regulations and requirements. A handbook is available, however it should not be construed as a replacement for or as superseding regulations or policies contained in the current University Calendar.

The coordinator for the Chem 490A/B Honours projects is Dr. Barry Power (Office CSF 2242, Phone 864-8083, email