Chemistry 4430

Course instructor: Dr. Sunil V. Pansare, Room C-4016, E-mail:


No single textbook is assigned for this course. Material from the following books will be used for the major portion of this course. Additional course materials will include photocopied hand-outs.

‘Advanced Organic Chemistry, Part B’ by Carey and Sundberg, 5th edition. This book is accessible on the internet (

‘Classics in Total Synthesis’ by Nicolau and Sorensen. This book is kept on reserve in the library.

It should be emphasized that you are not expected to know all the material from these books. Sections from Carey and Sundberg that are relevant will be clearly identified as the course progresses and when a particular type of reaction or a reagent is seen in a synthetic sequence. Selected total syntheses from both texts and from the literature will be discussed in detail.


Two class tests (75 min. each):30%

One assignment:10%

Presentation: 10%

Final examination (3 hours):50%