Chemistry 4410

Chemistry 4410/6491: Bioorganic Chemistry

Fall 2020

Instructor: Dr. Sunil V. Pansare, E-mail:

Text: "Organic Chemistry”, 8th Ed. by P. Y. Bruice.

The course will cover:

Chapters 20, 21, 23, 25 and 26 from the Bruice text.Topics that are not included in the Bruice text are also covered, these are: polyketides, shikimic acid and derived natural products, and lignans.  Additional course materials will be provided as handouts.

The emphasis of this course is on the chemistry of bioactive molecules both inside (in vivo) and outside (in vitro) living organisms. Hence, basic reaction mechanisms as well as organic synthesis are important components of the course material. Solving the problems at the end of each of the above listed chapters in the text book is highly recommended.


In the Chemistry Resource Room (C-2010):

“Organic Chemistry”, 8th Ed. by P. Y. Bruice and the solutions manual for this book.
In the QEII Library:
         “Comprehensive Organic Chemistry, Vol. 5: Biological compounds”