Chemistry 4206

Green Chemistry

Dr. Kerton will be offering this course in Fall 2017, Time/Location to be announced. This course is cross-listed with C6206 (for graduate students). Links in menu on the left of this page will be updated during the course of the semester. Important information will be distributed in the first class. More material is also available via D2L, The structure will be different to previous years! You will find the text book very useful and you should buy a second hand copy OR use the e-book available here and via the library website Green Chemistry: An Introductory Text by Mike Lancaster

Final exam, date and location to be announced.

This is the list of classes/timings from 2015 and it will be updated in early September 2017 for this year

Class 1 & 2 Distribution of Materials, and 12 Principles of Green Chemistry
"Healthy, wealthy, sustainable world" article is available here.

Class 3, 4 & 5 Group work to prepare for classes 6, 7 & 8

Class 6, 7 & 8 Peer-to-peer teaching of Solvents/Renewables/Degradation/Catalysis

Class 9 Review - highlights and practice for Test 1

Oct 13 Thanksgiving Break

Class 10 (Oct 15) Guest lecture/discussion on Carbon Dioxide (not on term-tests but might be on final exam)

Class 11 (Oct 20) Term Test 1 - based on classes 1-9

Class 12 Advice on critiquing the scientific literature & "greeness"/green-washing, and sample test 2 discussion

Class 13-18 Paper critique group discussion/work/short presentations - material will be distributed in class

Last day to drop without academic prejudice 28th Oct

Class 19 (Nov 17) Term Test 2 - Open Book/Computer - Material will be distributed on Nov. 10th or earlier

Class 20 & 21 Preparation time for presentations and review of Test 2 (if needed). Dr. K. will be available in C2026

Class 22, 23 & 24 Student presentations (Nov 26, Dec 1, Dec 3). Assignment 2 (Notes from your talk due on Dec 3rd at the latest)

Sample Test 2 Non-copyrighted material will be distributed in class. You should download the necessary journal article for your personal use from the publishers website once the link is updated here.