Chemistry 4156

Winter 2021

Instructor: Dr. Karl Jobst
Office: C5015 Phone: 864-8744 Email:

Chemistry 4156 comprises the development and critical evaluation of analytical methods for analyses in complex matrices, including those relevant to environmental, medical, food, and forensic sciences. Students will develop a comprehensive understanding of the principles of method development, enabling students to:
• Develop analytical methods relevant to employers in industry, government or academia.
• Fully exploit the rich data obtained from modern analytical instruments by integrating exploratory statistics and modern computing tools for data analysis.
• Critically evaluate method performance and data quality.

Curriculum (Topics):
1. Designing a fit-for-purpose analytical method
2. Targeted vs. non-targeted analysis
3. Multidimensional separations
4. Advanced data acquisition techniques
5. Advanced structure analysis
6. Computational and algorithmic mass spectrometry
7. Exploratory statistics
8. Quality control
9. Recent examples of advanced method development

Participation – 5%
Journal club – 30%
Report/presentation – 25%
Exam – 40%

None. The primary source of information will be the lecture notes.