Chemistry 4152

Fall 2020

Dr. Talia Jane Stockmann 
Office: C4015  Phone: 864-8768  Email:

“Fall 2020 lectures will be delivered virtually and asynchronously; please, contact the instructor for details on how access virtual seminars.”

Chemistry 4152 Electroanalytical Techniques examines the principles and theory of dynamic electrochemistry, voltammetry, stripping analysis, electrochemical sensors, and modern scanning probe methods.
Prerequisite: CHEM 3110

Curriculum (Topics):
1. Review of Thermodynamics
2. Electrochemical Kinetics for the non-mass transport limited case
3. Mass transport and potentiometry
4. Chronoamperometry
5. Cyclic Voltammetry
6. Microelectrode systems
7. Liquid/liquid electrochemistry
8. Nano-scale systems
9. Finite element analysis
10. Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy and scanning probe techniques”