Timetable Computational Chemistry Major

Recommended Timetable for Major in Computational Chemistry Because the Computational Chemistry degree programs require many courses in Chemistry, Computer Science, and Mathematics with a complex network of prerequisites, completing the Honours degree in four years requires a student to take a rigid timetable of courses in the first three years of the program, with a great deal of flexibility in the fourth year. Students who take courses in an order different than the recommended timetable are likely to require more than four years to complete the Computational Chemistry Honours degree. Honours students are encouraged to consult the Academic Program Officer (chemapo@mun.ca).

YearFall SemesterWinter Semester
1st Year CHEM 1050
PHYS 1050
MATH 1000
COMP 1001
CHEM 1051
PHYS 1051
MATH 1001
COMP 1510
2nd Year CHEM 2210
CHEM 2301
MATH 2000
COMP 1002
CHEM 2100
CHEM 2302
MATH 2050
COMP 1003
3rd Year CHEM 2400
PHYS 2820
MATH 2051
COMP 2001
CHEM 2401
CHEM 3303
MATH 2260
4th Year CHEM 3210b
CHEM 4305
COMP 3731c
CHEM 4304
MATH 3202
COMP 2002d

CHECKLIST: B.Sc. (General), Major in Computational Chemistry

(a) At least one CRW course must be selected from English
(b) Students may instead opt to take CHEM 3211 (offered in the Winter semester only)
(c) Students may instead opt to take MATH 3132
(d) Students may instead opt to take COMP 2500. However, the availability may vary from year to year.