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Lab Waivers

You are not required to repeat the laboratory portion of the course, if all of the following are true:

  1. you completed (including handing in completed reports) all of the labs within the most recent six semesters (the past two years),
  2. you had no unexcused absences, and
  3. you received a laboratory mark of 65% or better.

 If you choose not to repeat the laboratory then you must make a request for a waiver by using the automated webform provided (click on webform).  Note: CONA transfer students should ask their instructor to email their laboratory marks directly to the Chemistry Department (email to:  Mary Flinn).

Many courses (including Chemistry 1010, 1050 and 1051) have special sections for students who have the laboratory portion waived. You can identify these sections because they lack a laboratory timeslot. You can only register for this section if you have been given a waiver. If your grades have been released then request the waiver now. If your grades have not been released apply for a waiver as soon as they are available and then register in the correct section. Waivers will normally be given within two working days and you should then be able to register for the waived section using the Course Reference Number (CRN). 

Keep the following in mind:

  • Waivers are only valid for the term in which they are given.
  • First year students who have waived labs are still required to attend tutorials at the scheduled times (and they start at the start of term!).
  • A waiver will not be given for the Chem 1050 labs if you have only completed Chem 1010 labs. However, if you completed the Chem 1050 lab classes and you plan to do Chem 1010 instead of repeating Chem 1050 then you can apply for waiver of the Chem 1010 labs based on the Chem 1050 labs.
  • Students granted a lab waiver must register for the lecture-only section of the course.  If you are currently registered in a lab section, failure to drop the lab section will mean that you are expected to complete the labs.

First Year Lab Waivers in Spring 2020 and Future Semesters Important Information.

Anyone who took a course in the Winter 2020 semester will not be eligible for a lab waiver. The same will apply to students taking courses this spring. Any student who repeats a course will not be eligible for a lab waiver in future semesters. Older semesters are still accepted for lab waivers as normal.

Lab Waiver for Spring 2020

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