Chemistry 2301

Dr. Christopher Flinn, Office: C4014 Phone: 864-7911

Lab Instructors
Tiber Reardon, Office: C4026 Phone: 864-8099
Nick Ryan, Office:  C-4026  Phone: 864-8099
Bernie Rice, Office: C4009 Phone: 864-8909
Yvette Favaro-Park,   Office: C4001 Phone: 864-8743
Barry Power, Office C4009 Phone: 864-8909
Gary Hancock, Office: C4001 Phone: 864-8743

CHEMISTRY 2301. Macroscopic Thermodynamics and Kinetics. An examination of chemical thermodynamics, equilibria and kinetics. Three lecture hours and three lab hours per week.

Chemistry 2301 Curriculum

2nd Year and Above Lab Instructors Fall 2018

Attention Chemistry 2301 Students:
Further information for the course can be found on the D2L website. You can login at

The textbook for this course is "Physical Chemistry" (3rd edition) by Engel & Reid.

Programmable calculators may be used on tests and exams but the memory must be cleared. Students may be asked to clear calculator memory on site.


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