Chemistry 4203

Organometallic Chemistry

This course is not being offered in 2012. It might be offered in 2013. Dr. Kerton and Dr. Kozak are on sabbatical during 2012. If you want to know whether this course will be offered in 2013, please speak to Prof. Flinn.
Organometallic Chemistry involves studying the principles and applications of organometallic chemistry with emphasis on compounds of the transition metals, lanthanides and actinides. A study of synthetic methods, structure, bonding, reactions and applications of these concepts to organic synthesis and to catalysis.

Chem 3211 is a prerequisite.

This course is cross-listed with Chem 6210.

Two lectures per week: Tuesday and Thursday, 0900 to 1015, C2026.

The primary instructor is Dr. Kerton, please contact her for more information.

Lectures begin early in September. The textbook for the course in Organometallic Chemistry, 2nd edition, Spessard and Miessler. Note: The 2nd edition is significantly different from the first. Also, we have previously used Crabtree's book - you can use this BUT Dr. Kerton will be teaching from Spessard and Miessler.


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