Chemistry 4152

Winter 2019

Dr. Peter Pickup  Office: 5023  Phone: 864-8657
Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:30-11:45 am; Room: C-4002

Chemistry 4152 Electroanalytical Techniques examines the principles and theory of dynamic electrochemistry, voltammetry, stripping analysis, electro-chemical sensors and detectors.
PR: CHEM 3110 (or the former CHEM 4100 or the former CHEM 4101 or the former CHEM 4110)

Course Topics:

1. Ion-selective electrodes
2. The principles and theory of dynamic electrochemistry
3. Cyclic, pulse and stripping voltammetry
5. Advanced electrode materials and electrode/cell designs
6. Electrochemical sensors
7. Electrochemical detectors for liquid chromatography and flow injection analysis
8. Impedance spectroscopy
9. Electrochemical power sources


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