Submitting Your Documents

Make sure you submit your documents before the stated deadlines. As your documents are received, they are matched to your application. Where possible, provide your student ID number or birth date with your document(s).

Unofficial documents

Unofficial supporting documents, including interim transcripts and IELTS test report forms, can be sent to
Include your student ID number in the subject line of your email.

Only documents should be sent to No replies will be sent. Transcripts received here are considered to be unofficial.

Official documents

Official supporting documents should be sent to:

By mail/post:
Office of the Registrar
Memorial University
P.O. Box 4200
St. John's NL  A1C 5S7
Office of the Registrar
Memorial University
Room A2000
Arts and Administration Building
230 Elizabeth Ave.
St. John's NL  A1C 5S7

Transcript definitions

Unofficial transcript

An unofficial transcript is one that is either marked as unofficial by the issuing authority or is submitted by the student directly to the Office of the Registrar.

Official transcript

An official transcript is one that is sent directly by the issuing institution or authority using the sending institution's security features (e.g. secure paper or institutional seal) and has not been handled by the student in any way. 

Occasionally, notarized copies of transcripts may be accepted instead of, or in addition to, original official copies (for example, if translations are required).

Notarized copies of the following are accepted as official copies:

  • Higher secondary/senior secondary school certificates
  • Cambridge, Excel, Pearson, or other British-patterned GCE Certificates

Notarized copies of the following are not accepted as official copies:

  • English proficiency test score reports (TOEFL, IELTS, CAEL, etc.)
  • WAEC or NECO Certificates
  • University transcripts

Interim transcript

An interim transcript is one that is submitted to the Office of the Registrar at or near the time of application that reflects in-progress registrations at the sending institution.

Confirmation of current course registrations is often included as part of an interim transcript if the transcript is issued while courses are in progress. If in-progress courses are not reflected on the interim transcript, confirmation of course registrations, when requested, may be submitted in the form of a letter or separate document issued by the appropriate authority.

Final transcript

A final transcript is one that reflects final results for all courses completed with no interim registrations remaining. Normally, a final, official transcript is required in order to make a final decision regarding admission eligibility or, for transfer students, for transfer credit evaluation.

Issuing authority

All official transcripts required for either admission or transfer credit evaluations must be sent directly to Memorial by the issuing authority and not by the student. Transcripts that are not produced in English must be translated by a certified translator and accompanied by a notarized copy of the original language document.

The issuing authority for transcripts and other confirmations may change from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. University or College transcripts are normally issued by the institution’s Registrar’s Office/Records Office. Official transcripts for high school studies may be issued by the government office responsible for education, by the school district, by the examining agency, or by the school itself. Guidance counsellors or principals can confirm this if a student is not sure of the issuing authority for their high school records.


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