Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention


Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention (SVM 0204) is an online course that explores the basics of sexual violence and provides students with information about Memorial’s Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Policy and Procedures, including definitions and examples of sexual violence along with information and tools regarding consent, bystander intervention and supporting those who have experienced sexual violence.

The course provides education through a variety of methods including informational content, questions, activities, scenarios and a video about the concept of sexual consent. Information is also provided regarding campus and community resources. 

Course information

Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention (SVM 0204) is a required non-credit course that must be completed by all new undergraduate and graduate students at Memorial, as well as certificate and diploma students at the Marine Institute. These students will automatically be registered for the course when they register. Please note, Faculty of Medicine students will be included in the next phase of the course roll-out. The goal is to roll-out the course to all students by fall 2023.

Students can access the course in Brightspace by following these steps:   

  • Login to "Students" tab, click on Online Learning "Course Login".
  • Select the course SVM 0204 (Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention).
  • Click “Course Content” to start the course.

The course will take approximately 1-2 hours to complete depending on an individual’s previous level of knowledge. Students can complete at their own pace, all at once or a little at a time. Completion prior to the first day of classes is encouraged.

Course completion requirements

To pass the course, students must achieve a grade of at least 20/25 (80 per cent) in a 25-question quiz. 

A passing grade in this course is required before a student is permitted to register for their second semester at Memorial.

Course structure

This course is entirely online, self-paced learning and is structured so that it can be completed within Brightspace.

The completion of the content modules is not required. Students who know a lot about the subject can choose to just complete the quiz.

An individual may review the content of the course and repeat the quiz as many times as required to successfully pass.

Contact information

If you require assistance or accommodation regarding this course, please contact the Sexual Harassment Office by phone at 709-864-8199 (St. John’s campuses), 709-637-7195 (Grenfell Campus), or