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  1. Set up MUN Login
    • MUN Login provides access to MUN email, Self Service, Online Learning, my.mun.ca and MyMUNLife.
    • www.mun.ca/student-setup 

  2. Calculus Placement Test (CPT)
  3. Register for recommended courses
    • Review the Steps to Register at www.mun.ca/regoff/registration/how.
    • Login to my.mun.ca, select “Students” at the top.
    • To access the registration system click on “Launch Memorial Self-Service”. Select “Student Main Menu”, then “Registration”.
    • To see the earliest date and time you can register, select “View Registration Times”.
    • Courses should be available to view late June/early July.
    • Create a potential schedule and be ready to add courses at your registration time mid-July.
    • Register for Science 1807 (Safety in the Science Laboratory) if required as a prerequisite for one of your courses.
    • Register for Orientation 1000 when registering for your courses.

  4. Math Placement Test (MPT)
    • Check www.mun.ca/math/mpt to determine whether or not you need to write the math placement test.

  5.  Start Academic Integrity course
    • In the my.mun.ca “Students” tab, select Online Learning “Course Login”.
    • Select the course INTG 100A/B (Academic Integrity).
    • Start INTG 100 A/B as early as July (after registering for courses).
    • You must pass INTG 100 A/B before you can register for next semester.
    • For more information go to www.mun.ca/advice/academic_integrity.php

  6.  Get Advice
    • Contact an academic advisor if you have questions about course selection. 


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