Graduate diploma in education (educational leadership studies)

Program Information

The Graduate Diploma in Education (Educational Leadership Studies) provides students with an opportunity to explore a broad range of issues in educational leadership, policy and administration. It prepares candidates to assume leadership roles in a variety of settings, including school and district leadership, post-secondary institutions and policy analysis.

Application Deadline

The deadline for application to the Graduate Diploma in Education (Educational Leadership Studies) program is February 1st and the program start date is September (Fall semester). Please refer to application submission deadlines.

Admission/Application Information

Please visit the links provided in the table below to learn more about the Graduate Diploma in Education (Educational Leadership Studies) admission/application regulations and requirements. 

Graduate Diploma in Education (Educational Leadership Studies)
School of Graduate Studies Admission Regulations
Faculty of Education Admission Requirements
Graduate Diploma Admission Requirements (refer to Master of Education Admission Requirements) 

Students enrolled in the Graduate Diploma in Education (Educational Leadership Studies) program may also request a transfer to the Master of Education (Educational Leadership Studies) program prior to graduation.

Program Requirements

Please visit the link provided in the table below to learn more about the Graduate Diploma in Education (Educational Leadership Studies) program requirements.

Graduate Diploma in Education (Educational Leadership Studies)
Program Requirements
  • On-campus offerings of a course for this program are only available when enrolment allows. For the convenience of our professional students, on-campus course offerings are evening classes.
  • This program offers study entirely online, however it is dependent on course selection. It is recommended that students confirm their elective course choices are available online in the term they wish to complete the course by contacting the Office of Academic Programs at Faculty of Education. With careful planning this program can be completed fully online.
  • A candidate in full-time status may register for a maximum of 12 credit hours in any regular semester and a maximum of 6 credit hours in intersession or summer session.
  • A candidate with part-time status may register for a maximum of 3 credit hours in any semester or session, excluding summer session, when 6 credit hours are permitted.
  • Candidates may register for additional courses in a semester or session with the permission of the Office of the Associate Dean, Graduate Programs and Research, Faculty of Education.

Program Cost

Please refer to Graduate Tuition and Fees for general information and the School of Graduate Studies Minimum Expense form for detailed tuition, special fee, and other program cost information. 


Students are required to apply online to have information formally assessed. Applications and official supporting documents are to be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies by the application deadline. Complete detailed application packages are expected by the deadline date. Applications may be submitted online by following the process outlined at School of Graduate Studies-Application Package.