Occupational health and safety

Memorial University works hard to promote a safe and healthy environment. As part of these efforts, occupational health and safety committees have been mandated throughout campus. Occupational health and safety committees play a critical role in developing a positive safety culture in the workplace. They act as safety champions on behalf of the Univeristy by identifying and evaluating safety concerns, making recommendations for corrective action, and promoting health and safety in the workplace, all while working to reduce workplace accidents and injuries. These committees are a legislated requirement of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations.

The Occupational Health and Safety Committee of the G.A. Hickman Building is comprised of a group of individuals representing both the workers and the employer. This committee meets quarterly, as part of the collective responsibility for occupational health and safety.

Committee Membership

Mark Sullivan Co-Chair (Worker) mesulliv@mun.ca 1st Floor Ext. 3410
Lavinia Sutton  Co-Chair (Employer) saoeduc@mun.ca  2nd Floor Ext. 4507
Keith Power Employer Rep kbp201@mun.ca 3rd Floor Ext. 2397
Amy Fudge Worker Rep c77acf@mun.ca 4th Floor Ext. 3606
Patrick Wells Worker Rep p.wells@mun.ca  5th Floor  
Mark English  Worker Rep  menglish@mun.ca  3rd Floor Ext. 6117
Gonzo Bennett Worker Rep and Secretary gonzob@mun.ca    
Wanda Wilcox  EHS Advisor w.wilcox@mun.ca    709-697-2893



*Note: All non-education classrooms and lecture theatres are the responsibility of the Registrar's Office.


 Lavinia Sutton

    Co-Chair (Employer)
    E-mail:  saoeduc@mun.ca 
    Ext. 4507



  Gonzo Bennett 

Gonzo Bennett
    Worker Rep and Secretary



  Keith Power 

Keith Power
    Employer Rep
    Ext. 2397




  Amy Fudge 

Amy Fudge
    Worker Rep
    Ext. 3606


Mark English

   Worker Rep

E-mail:  menglish@mun.ca

Ext. 6117

Patrick Wells

    Worker Rep

E-mail: p.wells@mun.ca 



Meeting Minutes






February 2023 Minutes

May 2023 Minutes

July 2023 Minutes

October 2023 Minutes


Terms of Reference

Occupational Health and Safety Committee Terms of Reference

Report a problem

To report a problem:

  • Contact any member of OHS listed above
  • Download the MUN SAFE App and create an e-alert to report an incident/hazard/near miss
  • Contact CEP directly for emergencies at 864-4100
  • Contact FM work control for non-emergent, but urgent issues at 864-7600

Please note: Gender neutral washrooms can be found at ED1047 (level 1 inside the CITL hallway) and at ED5019