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Dr. Connie Morrison

Dr. Connie Morrison is an Assistant Professor at Memorial University’s Faculty of Education where she has designed and taught a wide range of courses in undergraduate programs as well as in graduate studies - Curriculum Teaching and Learning Studies. She has been an assistant professor in McGill's Department of Integrated Studies in Education, and the co-editor of English Quarterly.

Dr. Morrison holds a Ph.D. in Education (Media Education, Social Justice Pedagogy & New Literacy Studies) and an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership Studies, both from Memorial University. Before coming to Memorial, Connie completed her undergraduate studies at the University of New Brunswick where she received a B.Ed. in Secondary English Education and a B.A. in English.

Her current research interests include the cultural politics of representation, navigating teacher education in an AI landscape, and creating innovative opportunities to integrate sports & the arts into public education.  She is currently collaborating on research projects that examine how arts initiatives and teacher education can help create inclusive spaces for individuals and communities.  



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