Award Opportunities

The following is a list of awards faculty can be nominated for with corresponding deadlines. Please contact Dr. Rhonda Joy and the faculty GFO if you are interested in being nominated or if you want to nominate a colleague. 

This list was created by the MUN Awards Advisory Committee and has been edited for faculty-specific awards.

Open Awards (no deadline)

Alan Blizzard This is a biennial award for collaborative university teaching. National

Alexander Von Humboldt Award. Open - Selection Committee meetings are held twice a year – currently at the beginning of spring and in early autumn.Open discipline – invite from German institution. International

Order of Canada Open. Various disciplines. National

Canadian Society for Clinical Investigation Awards (CSCI) Deadline varies depending on award. Medicine. National.


D2L Innovation Award in Teaching and Learning . January 20th. Various disciplines and  Teaching. National

 Northern Science Award  January 30th. Various disciplines. Northern and National

Weston Family Prize for Lifetime Achievement in Northern Research  January 31st. Various disciplines. Northern. National


Prix de l’ACFAS February 11th. Various disciplines. National

 Trudeau Foundation Fellowships   February 22nd. Various disciplines.  National

Christopher Knapper Lifetime Achievement Award  February 28th. National


The Folger Institute Fellowships March 1st. Humanities. International

Royal Society of Canada Awards. March 1st Various disciplines. National

RSC Ursula Franklin Award in Gender Studies March 1st  (even years only). Gender Studies National

RSC Jason A. Hannah Medal. March 1 (odd years only). History of Medicine. National

RSC John L. Synge Award March 1 irregular intervals. Mathematics. National

RSC Miroslaw Romanowski Medal March 1st. Scientific work relating to environmental problems. National

RSC Pierre Chauveau Medal Humanities March 1 (odd years only). National

RSC Sir John William Dawson Medal  March 1 (odd years only). Interdisciplinary. National

RSC Yvan Allaire Medal. March 1st. Governance. National

Canadian Academy of Health Sciences March 8th Health Sciences. National


SSHRC Impact Awards – Gold Medal  April 1st. Social Sciences and Humanities. National

SSHRC Impact Awards – Insight Award  April 1st. Social Sciences and Humanities National

SSHRC Impact Awards – Connection Award April 1st. Social Sciences and Humanities. National

SSHRC Impact Awards – Partnership Award . April 1st. Social Sciences and Humanities National

CMS - Adrien Pouliot Award . April 30th Mathematics (teaching). National


Association of Atlantic Universities Teaching Awards  . First week in May. Various disciplines – Teaching and Educational Leadership. Atlantic Region

Killam Research Fellowships  May 15th. Various disciplines. National


CSCI Distinguished Scientist Lecture and Award  June 3rd. Medicine. National

CSCI Joe Doupe Young Investigator Award  June 3rd. Medicine. National

CSCI Henry Friesen Award and Lecture  June 3rd. Medicine. National

Killam Prizes June 15th. Various disciplines. National


CIC/CSC - Melanie O’Neill Young Investigator Award July 2nd. Biological Chemistry (early career). National

CIC/CSC - R. U. Lemieux Award. July 2nd. Organic Chemistry. National

 CIC/CSC - Ricardo Aroca Award. July 2nd.   Analytical Chemistry National

CIC/CSC - Rio Tinto Award. July 2nd. Inorganic Chemistry or Electrochemistry. National

CIC/CSC - Strem Chemicals Award July 2nd. Inorganic Chemistry National


Banting Medal for Scientific Achievement and Outstanding Scientific Achievement Award. September 13th.   Medicine - Diabetes. International

Guggenheim Fellowship. mid-September.  Various disciplines. International

Arctic Inspiration Prize. Mid-September for letter of intent, full package mid-October.  Open to all disciplines. National

Sloan Research Fellowship. September 15th. Chemistry, computational or evolutionary molecular biology, computer science, economics, mathematics, neuroscience, ocean sciences, physics, or a related field. International

3M Teaching Fellowships. September 30th.Teaching. National

Canadian Mathematical Society Awards. September 30th. Mathematics. National

CMS- Coxeter-James Prize. September 30th. Mathematics (early career). National

CMS - Jeffery-Williams Prize. September 30th. Mathematics. National

CMS - Krieger-Nelson Prize. September 30th. Mathematics (women). National

Order of Newfoundland and Labrador. September 30th. Various disciplines. Provincial

Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada Awards. September (last Friday). Medicine. National

AFMC - Charles Boelen International Social Accountability Award. September (last Friday). 
Medicine International

AFMC Clinical Teacher Award. September (last Friday).  Medicine National

AFMC - Gold Humanism Award and Lecture. September (last Friday). Medicine. National

AFMC- May Cohen Award in Equity, Diversity and Gender. September (last Friday). Medicine. National

AFMC - John Ruedy Award for Innovation in Medical Education. September (last Friday). Medicine. National

AFMC President's Award For Exemplary National Leadership In Academic Medicine. September (last Friday).  Medicine. National

AFMC- Young Educators Award. September (last Friday). Medicine (early career) National


Gairdner Foundation International Awards and Wightman Award. October 1st.  Medicine and medical science. International

Canada Gairdner International Awards. October 1st.  International

John Dirks Canada Gairdner Global Health Award. October 1st.  Medicine – Global Health. International

Canada Gairdner Wightman Award. October 1st.  Medicine/Health sciences. National

Woodrow Wilson Fellowships. October 1st. Public Policy. International

National Humanities Center Fellowship. October 10th.  Humanities. International

Canadian Institutes of Health Gold Leaf Prizes. October 10 (biennial – even years).  Medicine and Medical Science. National

CIHR Gold Leaf Prize for Impact. October 10 (biennial – even years). Medicine/Health Sciences. National

CIHR Gold Leaf Prize for Discovery. October 10 (biennial – even years). Medicine/Health Sciences. National

CIHR Gold Leaf Prize for Outstanding Achievements. October 10 (biennial – even years) - Early Career Investigation. Medicine/Health Sciences. National.

CIHR Gold Leaf Prize for Transformation. October 10th (biennial – even years). Medicine/Health Sciences. National


Molson Prizes. November 1st. Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences. National

Fulbright Award. November 15th. International Relations. National

The Huntington Fellowships. November 15th. Humanities.  International

CMS - David Borwein Distinguished Career Award. November 15th.  (biennial – deadline in odd years). Mathematics. National

CMS - Excellence in Teaching Award. November 15th. Mathematics (Teaching). National

Governor General’s Innovation Awards. November 30th. Various disciplines.  National


Royal Society of Canada Fellows. December 1st.  Various disciplines.  National

RSC College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists. December 1st. Various disciplines.  National

Manning Awards. December 17th. Various disciplines. National

Konrad Adenauer Research Award. In abeyance. Humanities, Social Sciences. International