Application deadlines


Application deadlines vary by graduate program. Ensure your application and supporting documents arrive by the deadline.


Anthropology (graduate diploma, MA, PhD) January 15 Fall
Applied Ocean Technology (graduate diploma, MAOT) January 15 Fall
Archaeology (MA, PhD) January 15 Fall
Data Science (MDSc) January 15 Fall
Economics (graduate diploma, MA) January 15 (international) Fall
Earth Sciences (MSc, PhD) January 15 Fall, Spring
English (graduate diploma, MA, PhD) January 15 Fall
Ethnomusicology (MA, PhD) January 15 Fall
Fisheries Science (MSc, PhD) January 15 Spring
Folklore (graduate diploma, MA, MA (co-op), PhD) January 15 Fall
Gender Studies (graduate diploma, MGS)  January 15  Fall 
Geography (MA, MSc, PhD) January 15 Fall
History (graduate diploma, MA, PhD) January 15 Fall
Maritime Management (MMM) January 15 Spring
Medicine – Clinical Epidemiology (graduate diploma) January 15 Fall
Medicine - Community Health & Humanities (diploma, MSc & PhD) January 15 Fall
Medicine – Public Health (MPH) Population/Public Health stream January 15 Fall
Music (MMus) January 15 Fall
Nursing (graduate diploma, MScN) January 15 Fall
Occupational Health and Safety (MOHS) January 15 Fall
Political Science (MA) January 15 Fall
Social Work (MSW) January 15 Fall
Transdisciplinary Sustainability (PhD) January 15 Fall
Biology (MSc, PhD) January 31 Fall, Spring
Classics (graduate diploma, MA) January 31 Fall
Cognitive & Behavioural Ecology (MSc, PhD) January 31 Fall, Spring
French Studies (MA) January 31 Fall
German Language & Literature (MA) January 31 Fall
Linguistics (graduate diploma, MA, PhD) January 31 Fall
Mathematics and Statistics (MAS, MSc, PhD) January 31 Fall
Nursing (PhD) January 31 Fall (even-numbered years only)
Interdisciplinary (PhD) January 31 Fall
Applied Geomatics (MSc in AG) (for all/any applicants) February 1 Fall
Business Administration (International for MBA and  MBA-SEE) February 1 Fall
Boreal Ecosystems & Agricultural Sciences (MSc, PhD) February 1 Fall
Chemistry (MSc, PhD) February 1 (international) Fall
Economics (graduate diploma, MA) February 1 (Canadian) Fall
Education – Counselling Psychology (MEd); Educational Leadership Studies (graduate diploma, MEd);  Education - Post-Secondary Education [International Education] (Graduate Diploma); Post-Secondary Education (MEd); Post-Secondary Education [Health Professional Education] (Graduate Diploma); Post-Secondary Education [Student Affairs and Services] (Graduate Diploma) February 1 Fall
Education (PhD)  February 1 (in even numbered years) Fall 
Environmental Science (MSc, PhD) February 1 Fall
Human Kinetics and Recreation (MSc (HKR), MHKR) February 1 (April 1 for 2024) Fall
Maritime Studies (MSc, PhD) February 1 Fall
Medicine – Health Ethics (MHE) February 1 Fall
Medicine – Public Health (MPH) Nutrition/Dietetics stream February 1 Fall
Philosophy (graduate diploma, MA, PhD)  February 1  Fall 
Physics (MSc, PhD) & Physical Oceanography (MSc, PhD) February 1 Fall
Psychology – (MSc, MAPS (co-op), PhD) February 1 Fall
Sociology (MA, PhD) February 1 Fall
Sustainable Aquaculture (MSc) February 1 Fall
Technology Management (MTM) February 1 Spring
Applied Literary Arts (MALA) February 15 Fall
Employment Relations (MER) February 15 Fall
Environmental Policy (MA) February 15 Fall
Humanities (MPhil) February 15 Fall
Marine Studies (graduate diploma, MMS (FRM)) February 15 Spring
Religious Studies (graduate diploma) February 15 Fall
Scientific Computing (MSc, MSc (co-op), PhD) February 15 Fall
Business Administration (graduate diploma, part-time MBA) February 28 (Canadian) Spring
Pharmacy (MSc (Pharm), PhD) February 28 Fall
Biochemistry (MSc, PhD) March 1 Fall
Chemistry (MSc, PhD) March 1 (Canadian) Fall
Food Science (MSc, PhD) March 1 Fall
Medicine – Applied Health Services Research (MSc (Med)) March 1 Fall
Management (MMgt) March 15 Fall
Political Science (graduate diploma) March 15 Fall
Applied Geomatics (MSc in AG) (only for applicants with a post-diploma in GIS) April 1 Winter
Boreal Ecosystems & Agricultural Science (MSc, PhD) April 1 Winter
Engineering & Applied Science (graduate diploma, MASc) – all disciplines

April 1 Fall
Environmental Science (MSc, PhD) April 1 Winter
Software Engineering (MAScSE) April 1
Sustainable Aquaculture (MSc) April 1 Winter
Artificial Intelligence (MAI)  April 1
(Canadian [and late Int'l applicants, subject to seat availability])
Scientific Computing (MSc, MSc (co-op), PhD) May 1 Winter

Computer Science (MSc (course-based route))

May 1 Winter
Software Engineering (MAScSE) May 1 (Canadian) Fall
Marine Studies (graduate diploma, Aquaculture) May 15 Fall
Marine Studies (graduate diploma, Fisheries Resource Management) May 15 Fall
Marine Studies (MMS (MSPM)) May 15 Fall
Maritime Management (MMM) May 15 Fall
Fisheries Science (MSc, PhD) May 15 Fall
French Studies (MA) May 31 Winter
Physics (MSc, PhD) and Physical Oceanography (MSc, PhD) June 1 Winter
Maritime Studies (MSc, PhD) June 1 Winter
Technology Management (MTM) June 1 Fall
Marine Studies (MMS, Aquaculture) June 15 Fall
Business Administration (MBA, graduate diploma (part-time and full-time)) June 30
Biochemistry (MSc, PhD) July 1 Winter
Food Science (MSc, PhD) July 1 Winter
Medicine – Clinical Epidemiology (graduate diploma) (Medical Residents) July 31 Fall
Pharmacy (MSc (Pharm), PhD) July 31 Winter

Engineering & Applied Science (MASc) – Oil and Gas, Safety and Risk, Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering, Environmental Systems Engineering and Management

August 1 Winter
Environmental Policy (MA) August 15 (part-time) Winter
Mathematics (PhD) August 31 Winter
Arts and Education (MA & Ed) September 15 Winter
Earth Sciences (MSc, PhD) September 15 Winter
Education – Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning Studies (MEd);  Educational Technology (MEd); Reading Development and Instruction (graduate diploma, MEd) September 15 Winter
Fine Arts (MFA) September 15 Spring
Fisheries Science (MSc, PhD) September 15 Winter
Maritime Management (MMM) September 15 Winter
Social Work (PhD) September 15 (in even numbered years) Spring 
Applied Geomatics (MSc in AG) (only for applicants with a post-diploma in GIS) October 1 Spring
Boreal Ecosystems & Agricultural Sciences (MSc) October 1 Spring
Physics (MSc, PhD) & Physical Oceanography (MSc, PhD) October 1 Spring
Religious Studies (graduate diploma, MA) October 1 Winter
Scientific Computing (MSc, MSc (co-op), PhD) October 1 Spring
Technology Management (MTM) October 1 Winter
Marine Studies (graduate diploma, MMS (FRM)) October 15 Winter
Business Administration (graduate diploma, part-time MBA) October 31 
Arctic and Subarctic Futures (MASF, PhD, graduate diploma) November 1 Spring
Biochemistry (MSc, PhD) November 1 Spring
Food Science (MSc, PhD) November 1 Spring


Business Administration (graduate diploma - GDBA International)

December 1 Fall

Computer Science (all programs)

December 1 Fall
Artificial Intelligence (MAI) December 1
(all applicants)
Management (MSc) December 1 Fall
Engineering & Applied Science (MEng, PhD) December 1 Fall
Psychology (PsyD) December 1 Fall
Marine Biology (MSc, PhD) No Set Deadline Fall, Winter, Spring
Medicine – Cancer & Development, Cardiovascular & Renal Sciences, Human Genetics, Immunology & Infectious Diseases, Neurosciences (MSc (Med)) No Set Deadline Fall, Winter, Spring
Medicine - Cancer & Development, Cardiovascular & Renal Sciences, Human Genetics, Immunology & Infectious Diseases, Neurosciences (PhD) No Set Deadline Fall, Winter, Spring
Medicine (MD-PhD) No Set Deadline Fall, Winter, Spring
Theoretical Physics (PhD) No Set Deadline Fall, Winter