Research at the Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education at Memorial University is an active and collaborative research community committed to research excellence in land-based education; Indigenous knowledge and curriculum; restorative justice in education; science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM); inclusive education; arts-based learning; leadership; academic writing; Francophone culture and language; multi-literacies; children's literature; ESL/EFL curriculum and teaching methodology; positive psychology; gender studies; critical education theory; rural education; music education and more.

Topics fall within the following program groups:

Counselling and psychology
Dr. Morgan Gardner, Dr. Greg Harris, Dr. Jackie Hesson Dr. Leah Lewis, Dr. Sarah Pickett, Dr. Rhonda Joy (AD, Grad)

Educational Technology 
Dr. David Gill, Dr. Bruce Mann, Dr. Alireza Moghaddam

Educational Leadership Studies
Dr. Jerome Delaney, Dr. Gerald Galway, Dr. Noel Hurley, Dr. Scott Johnston , Dr. Darron Kelly, Dr. Walter Okshevsky, Dr. Joelle Rodway, Dr. Kirk Anderson

Post-Secondary Studies
Dr. Christine Arnold , Dr. Cecile Badenhorst, Dr. John Hoben, Dr. Dale Kirby, Dr. Rob Shea (on leave) Dr. Vernon Curran (Health Professional Education)

Master of Arts & Education
Dr. Leslie Redmond (and Second Language Education)

Reading Development and Instruction

Dr. Antoinette (Toni) Doyle, Dr. Leslie Redmond

Curriculum Teaching and Learning Studies (CTLS)

CTLS – Language & Literacy Studies
Dr. Jan Buley, Dr. Anne Burke, Dr. Antoinette (Toni) Doyle, Dr. Ursula Kelly

CTLS – Indigenous and Place-based Education
Dr. Sylvia Moore, Dr. Jennifer Godfrey Anderson (Culturally Relevant Assessment and Mathematics Education)

CTLS – Mathematics Education
Dr. Margo Kondratieva, Dr. Mary Stordy, Dr. Jennifer Godfrey Anderson

CTLS – Own Design
Dr. Dennis Mulcahy, Dr. Tim Seifert, Dr. Heather McLeod

CTLS – Music Education
Dr. David Buley

CTLS – Science Education
Dr. Karen Goodnough, Dr. Saiqa Azam

CTLS – Second Language Education
Dr. Xuemei Li Dr. Leslie Redmond

CTLS – Social Studies Education
 Dr. Dorothy Vaandering (and Social Justice Education)

CTLS – Social Justice Education
Dr. Dorothy Vaandering, Dr. Heather McLeod

CTLS – Special Education
Dr. Edith Furey (Associate Dean, UG), Dr. Kimberly Maich, Dr. Sharon Penney, Dr. Gabrielle Young 

To truly understand just how broad our range of research interests and activities are, see Faculty Profiles and our Grants and Projects sections. Our research leads to enhanced knowledge and informs progressive change in educational policies and practices in Newfoundland, Canada and internationally.


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