Graduate tuition and fees

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Total program fees 

Graduate tuition at Memorial University is among the lowest in Canada. We also offer competitive funding packages to our graduate students in research-intensive programs. Total program fees for most of our graduate programs are outlined below. 

 Program  Newfoundland and Labrador Students Other Canadian Students  International Students**
 Graduate Diploma  $3,780  $4,914  $6,390
 Master's programs (2 years)  $5,718  $7,434  $9,666
 Master's programs (1 year)*   $3,939  $5,121  $6,654
 Master of Science in Medicine
(Applied  Health Services        Research)
 $12,000  $12,000  $12,000
 Doctoral programs   $10,656  $13,848  $17,988

* Please refer to the Minimum Expense form for a list of one-year programs eligible for Payment Plan C. 
** Applicants without Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status in Canada.

Program fees per semester 

Graduate tuition fees at Memorial University are charged on a semester-by-semester basis and reflect the cost of the graduate program not the number of required courses. Memorial has three semesters per academic year: Fall (September - December), Winter (January - April), and Spring (May - August). Program fees are to be paid each semester as per the payment plans outlined below.

 Program  Newfoundland and Labrador Students  Other Canadian Students  International Students # of semesters fee must be paid
 Graduate Diploma  $420  $546  $710  9
 Graduate Diploma in
Education (Reading
Development and
 $945  $1,228.50  $1,597.50  4
 Master's programs
Plan A  $953  $1,239  $1,611  6
Plan B  $635  $826  $1,074  9
Plan C  $1,313  $1,707  $2,218  3 
 Master of Science in Medicine (Applied Health Services Research)  $2,000  $2,000  $2,000  6
 Doctoral programs  $888  $1,154  $1,499  12 

Graduate diploma and doctoral program fees (except for the PhD in Management) are fixed. Master’s students may have a choice among 3 payment plans:

  • Plan A is normally recommended for full-time students (i.e., students who anticipate completing in 6 semesters or less).
  • Plan B is normally recommended for part-time students (i.e., students who will require more than 6 semesters to complete).
  • Full-time students in certain 1-year master’s programs may be eligible for Payment Plan C. 

Special fees

Please note that some graduate programs have special fees that are charged in addition to the regular program fees outlined above. Please refer to the Minimum Expense form for details.

Other fees 

Graduate students are also responsible for ancillary fees (including but not exclusive to student union fees, recreation fee, student services fee, campus renewal fee, health insurance, and dental insurance) listed in the Minimum Expense form.

For distance education courses, there are administrative fees which are charged in addition to the tuition fees for these courses. Please visit the Online Learning website for more details. 

Please note that graduate students who do not complete their programs in the number of semesters listed above will be required to pay a continuance fee for each additional semester required. If you finish your graduate program in fewer semesters than the payment plan, you must pay the remaining program fee in a lump sum. Please refer to the Minimum Expense form for more information.

Note: All figures are in Canadian dollars and subject to change. Fees are approved by the University’s Board of Regents. In the event of a discrepancy between the fees approved by the Board and those published on this website, the fees approved by the Board will prevail. Financial policies are enforced through the Department of Financial and Administrative Services. For the complete and official list of all fees and charges, visit