Bachelor of science in nursing (accelerated option)

Memorial University Faculty of Nursing (St. John's);
Western Regional School of Nursing (Corner Brook) 
Length: Three years
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This three-year accelerated option (run over eight consecutive semesters) is available for students who have completed at least a full two-years (a minimum of 20 courses) of a university undergraduate program.

Admission requirements

Fall semester only
Application deadline:
January 20

Admission is subject to meeting the general admission requirements for Memorial University and does not guarantee your acceptance into the program.

Applicants to the three-year accelerated option, must meet the following requirements to be considered for admission:

A. Required courses:

    1. Biology 2201 and 3201 or their equivalents
    2. Chemistry 3202 or equivalent
    3. Math 3200 or 3201 or equivalent

B. A minimum of 60 credit hours at the university level, which must include 12 credit hours from the following list:

    1. Six credit hours in English with a Critical Reading and Writing designation
    2. Three credit hours in sociology, anthropology or archaeology
    3. Psychology 1000 or equivalent
    4. Biochemistry 1430 or equivalent
    5. Biology 3053 or equivalent
    6. Statistics 1510 (or Statistics 2550, Education 2900, Psychology 2910, 2925) or a statistics course acceptable to the faculty.
    7. Three credit hours in philosophy, or Religious Studies 2610

Each of the courses listed above must be completed for the degree. Any of the courses listed above not completed prior to admission must be completed during the sequence of the program.

C. A minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale either as a cumulative GPA, degree GPA, or in the last 60 credit hours.

D. A minimum of 12 credit hours per semester in two of the last six semesters completed at the university level.

Applicants are required to complete CASPer, an on-line assessment, which helps assess applicants for non-academic attributes or people skills. Successful completion of CASPer is mandatory to maintain admission eligibility.

CASPer test dates for Memorial University (Undergraduate Nursing) students are available on the Nursing Admissions website.

A reference is not required for the nursing application. However, the nursing admissions committee reserves the right to request a reference when deemed necessary.

To apply for admission into the three-year accelerated option, indicate bachelor of science in nursing (collaborative) in the appropriate place on the undergraduate application for admission and select the accelerated option from the drop-down menu.

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