Faculty Members

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Interim Dean

Dr. Sulaimon Abiodun Olawale Giwa

Acting Associate Dean, Graduate Programs and Research


Acting Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs

Dr. Paul Issahaku

University Research Professor

Dr. Bren LeFrancois


Dr. Donna Hardy Cox

Dr. Bren LeFrancois

Dr. Delores Mullings

Associate Professors 

Dr. Paul Banahene Adjei

Dr. Catherine de Boer

Dr. Stephen Ellenbogen

Dr. Heather Hair

Dr. Paul Issahaku

Dr. Christopher Smith

Dr. Gail Wideman

Assistant Professors

Dr. Fred Andersen

Dr. Helen Ball

Dr. Shirley Boyle

Ami Goulden

Dr. Julia Janes

Dr. Kathy de Jong

Dr. Sheri McConnell

Dr. Laura Pacheco

Janice Parsons

Dr. Sobia Shaikh

Field Education

Cheryl Mallard

June Kirkland-Smith

Lynsey Soper-Thistle

Joan Davis-Whelan

Honorary Research Professor

Dr. Shelly Birnie-Lefcovitch

Professor Emeritus

Dr. Ken Barter

Dr. Dennis Kimberley

Dr. Paul Sachdev