Funded Research

The Research Strategy Framework for Memorial University, developed in 2009, was based on the principle of freedom for researchers to pursue research which is based on their individual and collective intelligence, curiosity, inventiveness and creativity. It considered all aspects of scholarship, including research and creative activities, as well as the translation of knowledge into products, practices and policies, and other forms of community/public engagement.

In recent years within the School of Social Work, there has been a significant growth in the amount of successful research and public engagement funding, as well as an increase in the number of internal and external funding sources awarded. This demonstrates the positive direction for the School of Social Work towards Research and Community Engagement activities. Key factors have contributed to this; such as the new funding opportunities created through the Office of the VP Research and the Office of Public Engagement, support of a Grants Facilitator within the school and increased supports at the Office of Research Grant and Contract Services.