Current Students

The MSW Program is offered on a part-time and full-time basis. Part-time students can complete the program either in two (2) full academic years (6 semesters) or three (3) full academic years (9 semesters). On a full-time basis the program is completed in three (3) consecutive semesters over one (1) academic year (September to August). Full-time students completing a thesis may require an additional semester to complete their program.

MSW course route requirements consist of 7 courses, a field internship, Pathway (a mandatory repeatable non-credit course) and Pathway Scholarship (completion of a scholarly product that reflects the student's learning). For students choosing the thesis route, the program consists of 6 courses, a field internship, PATHWAY, and a thesis embodying original research. PATHWAY and Pathway Scholarship provide the opportunity for students to engage in particular areas of interest, research, or study concentration with a faculty member as their mentor. The Table below shows the MSW courses and pre-requisites and/or co-requisites.

Course Pre-Requisites / Co-Requisites
SCWK 6000:
PATHWAY is a mandatory non-credit course - must register every semester
SCWK 6012:
Critical Thinking and Reflection
SCWK 6013:
Leadership for Social Justice
Prerequisite 6012.
SCWK 6014:
Leadership in Social Policy and Programs
Prerequisite 6012.
SCWK 6313:
Perspectives with Individual and Families*
Prerequisite/Co-requisite 6012.
SCWK 6314:
Perspectives with Diverse Communities*
Prerequisite 6012.
SCWK 6315:
Perspectives with Groups*
Prerequisite 6012.
SCWK 6413:
Research Theory, Design, and Analysis
Prerequisite/Co-requisite for 6012
SCWK 6417:
Pathway Scholarship
Following completion of all other program components.
SCWK 6917:
Field Internship
Prerequisites 6012; 6013; 6014; 6313; 6413. Pre/Co-requisites 6314 and 6315.


*Thesis route students must complete SCWK 6313 and either SCWK 6314 or 6315.