Support our School


Areas of Greatest Need

We’re working to increase support for our students and to help give students the resources to overcome some of those ‘bumps in the road’ we all remember.

We’re asking our alumni and friends of the school to make an investment in our students by supporting:

School of Social Work Scholarship – We are attempting to create a general scholarship fund that could assist students. Even a small amount could help towards things such as students who show a commitment to community work; a student parent; or a student who takes on a placement in an area with an underprivileged or marginalized population, where students are not receiving pay for their placement.

School of Social Work Internship Travel Bursary - As the only provider of social work education in the province, and as part of our mandate to reach out to all areas of the province, and to give students experience in social work outside of a city setting, the school strongly encourages students to participate in at least one rural/remote practicum. There are often increased associated costs for accommodations and travel. Financial assistance in this area would create greater access to this opportunity for students and help them partake in field work in areas outside of the city, such as in Labrador.

Ways to Give