YEAR 1  
Spring / Campus Residency

SCWK 7010 Philosophical & Historical Base of Social Work Practice

SCWK 7020 Critical Thinking for Social Work Practice

SCWK 7411 Philosophy of Science & Research Design
Fall or Winter / Off Campus SCWK 7310 Tutorial in Field of Practice
YEAR 2  
Spring / Campus Residency

SCWK 7421 Qualitative Data Analysis

SCWK 7431 Quantitative Data Analysis

SCWK 7510 Social Work Education

SCWK 7320 Advanced Social Work Practice

Fall / Off Campus

SCWK 7910 Internship in Advanced Social Work Practice


SCWK 7920 Internship in Social Work Education


SCWK 7930 Social Work Research

Semester #7 Comprehensive Examination
Semester #8 Thesis Proposal
YEARS 3 - 7 Doctoral Thesis

 School of Graduate Studies Forms

The School of Graduate Studies has posted forms relevant to the PhD program on-line, including:

  1. Graduate Student Annual Progress & Supervisory Report;
  2. Recommendation for Comprehensive Examination - PhD Candidates;
  3. Change of Status; and
  4. Change of Program.

University diary for the academic year lists all the relevant MUN dates and deadlines.