Scholarships, Funding, and Awards

At Memorial University, you can find many opportunities to advance your graduate education, research and skills. See the School of Graduate Studies for more information. Awards and scholarships reward academic achievement and provide financial assistance.


Scholarships and Awards

The School of Graduate Studies offers wide variety of scholarships and merit based awards available to Graduate students at Memorial University.


Teaching Skills Enhancement Program

Memorial University is committed to providing opportunities for the professional development of its graduate students. Because graduate students are engaged in teaching and many will pursue an academic career, the Teaching Skills Enhancement Program (TSEP) is designed to provide an introduction to teaching at the undergraduate level.

The program is offered to graduate students over two semesters. The fall semester is delivered in a blended format with online content and weekly in-class seminars. During the winter or spring/summer semester, graduate students undertake a teaching apprenticeship and complete a learning portfolio.

The program is free of charge, and graduate students who successfully complete the program receive an official transcript notation and a certificate of completion.


Fellow of the School of Graduate Studies

The title of Fellow of the School of Graduate Studies is awarded in recognition of outstanding academic achievement throughout a graduate program. It may be awarded only once, during the last year of a student's graduate program. This distinction will be noted on the student's Memorial University transcript. See the School of Graduate Studies for information on criteria for selection.