Strategic Framework

We are excited and proud to present Passion and Purpose: The Strategic Framework of the School of Social Work 2022-2027.

Our new strategic roadmap acknowledges the challenges and opportunities of our environment, while focusing on our goals and aspirations going forward.

This framework will guide us as we focus on our priorities: connecting people, improving lives and creating social change for a just and inclusive province and world, through integrated and transformative social work education, research and community engagement.

Creation of this strategic framework would not have been possible without the dedication and commitment of the School of Social Work Strategic Planning Steering Committee members.

The team devoted many hours of their time to bring together the thoughts, criticisms, suggestions and recommendations of students, staff and academic staff members, along with those of our community partners and the general Memorial community.

School of Social Work Strategic Planning Steering Committee members include:

Dr. Paul Banahene Adjei             Anne Becker                      Gina Billard
Ivy Burt                                           Dr. Kathy de Jong            Jane Fitzgerald
Dr. Sulaimon Giwa                       Dr. Paul Issahaku             Dr. Julia Janes
Kim Kelly                                        Lynsey Soper-Thistle       Krista Tiller
Dr. Gail Wideman                         Laura Woodford

We compiled and took into account responses from surveys, focus group discussions, individual interviews and written feedback. This document represents the voices, thoughts and aspirations about the School of Social Work.

A huge thank you to all involved for your input!

Our next step is to have conversations about establishing short- and long-term priorities and strategies for implementing them.

Passion and Purpose is our plan, and our pledge, to aim high and achieve excellence.