Newfoundland and Labrador College of Social Workers Student Award


This award is presented annually to a student graduating with a Bachelor of Social Work degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland who has demonstrated a high level of practice competence and commitment to the profession.

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Newfoundland and Labrador College of Social Workers Student Award Recipients

2022 Melissa Noble

2021 Hayley Hillier

2020 Sarah Hunter

2019 Anda Adam

2018 Danielle Curwin

2017 Heather Croke

2016 Amy Burke

2015 Deidra Stagg

2014 Meaghan Norris

2013 Ashley Gosse

2012 Andrew Harvey

2011 Chris Carter

2010 Andrea Mullett

2009 Meghan Hillier

2008 Charlotte Courage

2007 Jean Pike

2006 Bonnie Knight

2005 Cathy Wheeler

2004 Valerie Lam

2003 Gail Bell

2002 Karen Christopher

2001 Elaine Holden

2000 Henry Kielley

1999 Joyce Anne Alyward