Dr. Paul Sachdev

Dr. Sachdev is Emeritus Professor of Social Work and the recipient of the President's Award for Outstanding Research. He has published in the areas of adoption, child abuse, HIV/AIDS, and reproductive health care. His books include: “Abortion: Readings and Research “ Perspectives on Abortion, “ International Handbook on Abortion,” “Sex, Abortion and Unmarried Women,” “ Adoption: Current Issues and Trends,” and “Unlocking the Adoption Files.” As well, he has published more than 35 articles in refereed journals and has been an Invited Plenary and Keynote Speaker at international scholarly conferences.

Dr. Sachdev was the founding editor of Advances in Social Work and the International Journal of Medicine and Law (Family Violence Section), as well as the consultant to the Govt. of New Zealand and the Govt. of Queensland, Australia on their Adoption Reform Bills. Dr. Sachdev also served as the Expert Witness for the Govt. of Ontario vs. Anti-Abortion League; Foster Parent vs. the Province of New Brunswick, and for the Planned Parenthood of America vs. the State of Alaska.

He was a Manuscript Reviewer for the Canadian Social work Review; American Journal of Child Welfare, Families in Society; Adoption Quarterly and has served as a member on the Grants Adjudication Committees including SSHRC (Ottawa), and SSHRC (MUN). He represented Memorial University on the Board of Shastri-Indo Canadian Institute and its committees on Canada and India Studies Fellowship Programs and was a member on the Board of Accreditation of the CASSW. Dr. Sachdev’s notable honors and appointments include: President’s Award for Outstanding Research; Intl. Advisor to the National Association of Sexology ( ); Vice-President, Intl. Congress on Reproductive Health Care; Chair, Intl. Program Advisory Committee on Adoption. Dr. Sachdev was selected a Visiting Scholar by the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute and the Research Scholar by the Graduate Faculty Council of two universities in the U.S.: Cleveland State University and Indiana University.

Dr. Sachdev’s current research involves a trend study which examines shifts over time in the level of knowledge about HIV/AIDS, prejudice toward AIDS patients, gender equality and safer sex behavior among university students in Delhi, . His second study pertains to a follow up of members of the adoption triangle who were involved in closed, semi-open and fully open adoption with a view to examine the “relationship dance,” and the impact of visitation or lack thereof, on the adopted children’s psycho-social and identity development. Dr. Sachdev’s teaching areas are: Applied and Evaluative Research, Family and Child Welfare, Couple Counseling and Social Work Philosophy, Theories and Practice.