Pathway Manual

PATHWAY (SCWK 6000) is a mandatory non-credit course intended to provide an opportunity to pursue a specific, concentrated, specialized or expert area of practice, research, scholarly work, or career related pursuits. The student chooses the topic area and the content of PATHWAY.

PATHWAY is completed under the guidance and supervision of a mentor chosen by the student. The topic area and content of PATHWAY is normally arrived at through discussions between the student and the mentor. The mentor is normally a faculty member of Memorial University School of Social Work, but arrangements may be made for a community-based mentor when appropriate. A student wanting to pursue a community-based mentor should consult with the Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research; the Associate Dean oversees PATHWAY and will support the community-based mentor as needed.

PATHWAY culminates in a tangible, innovative and creative scholarly product designed to fulfil the credit course requirements for Pathway Scholarship (SCWK 6417). SCWK 6417 is taken at the end of a student’s MSW program, normally completed concurrently with Field or after completion of the Field Practicum.

PATHWAY and Pathway Scholarship are divided as follows:

• PATHWAY (non-credit) – 60 hours of work over 3 – 6 semesters
• Pathway Scholarship, SCWK 6417 (3 credits) – 90 hours of work over 1 semester

The PATHWAY Manual and Forms provides direction on choosing a mentor, the expectations for completion of both PATHWAY and Pathway Scholarship, the final products that must be completed and any forms that are required.