MSW students have the option to undertake a thesis rather than complete PATHWAY Scholarship.

The question of whether to undertake a thesis is best answered by asking oneself what their thesis would be about. If one has an interesting research question that is focused and can be explored within a reasonable timeframe, then a thesis may be an option. The best way to proceed is to discuss your ideas for a thesis with potential supervisors; they will undoubtedly provide valuable feedback. In the end, a supervisor may be identified and the thesis can be pursued.

Given many theses involve the study of human subjects, it is important to think carefully about the time required for approval from the ethics review board, and to be sure the proposed study is free of ethical issues as regards research involving human subjects. Even if a thesis does not involve human subjects, it is important to be realistic about the amount of work being undertaken and the time required for completion.

(NB: Thesis route students must complete SCWK 6313 and either SCWK 6314 or 6315.)

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