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Date Other Notices
18-01-2021 SSQ Travel health Insurance Update
01-10-2020 SSQ Covid-19 Travel Insurance Update
18-09-2020 Locked In Pension Clarification
18-09-2020 Canada Pension Plan Public Meeting
18-08-2020 MUNPA 2020 AGM Rescheduled
31-07-2020 Covid-19 and SSQ Travel Health Insurance Update
17-06-2020 MUNPA Resumes Some In-person Activities
20-05-2020 Memorial's Pension Plan during the Covid-19 Pandemic
06-05-2020 Covid-19 Mental Health Supports and Services
05-05-2020 Wellness Together Canada Portal
05-05-2020 Appeal for Memorial's Covid-19 Student Emergency Funds
18-04-2020 MUNPA Migrating to On-line Social Activities
18-04-2020 MUNPA 2020 AGM Postponed
18-04-2020 Building Access for All Campuses
27-03-2020 Pension Cheque Reminder
20-03-2020 Pension Cheque Clarification
19-03-2020 CURAC: Newsletter, Virologist Interview, COVID-19 and Seniors
19-03-2020 HR, Pension Cheques Changes, and MUN Blood Clinic Cancellation
16-03-2020 CURAC Travel Insurance Coverage Update
16-03-2020 CURAC 2020 Conference Postponed
16-03-2020 SSQ Travel Health Insurance
16-03-2020 MUNPA President's Message
16-03-2020 Suspending MUNPA Activities
2019-03-22  WW1: How We Remember - The Quilters' Stories
2019-03-22 Opportunity for individual membership of Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Union Retirees