The main purpose of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Pensioners’ Association is to promote the well-being of its members through its activities by:

  1. Creating opportunities for members to socialize by organizing events and special interest groups,
  2. Organizing and hosting talks and seminars on a variety of topics that are relevant to members,
  3. Advocating for members on relevant University committees and ensuring access to University facilities and resources,
  4. Directing members to appropriate University personnel when individuals seek clarification about their University pension and benefits,
  5. Monitoring activities of the University, ensuring members are informed of relevant issues as they arise, and serving as a focal point for gathering their input,
  6. Receiving and holding all money and other assets subscribed to it or acquired in any other way and to use such assets for the administration and betterment of the Association,
  7. Providing financial support for MUN students through scholarships and other donations to the extent possible, and;
  8. Interacting with the national pensioners’ association and similar associations at other universities and liaising with local organizations that share common interests.