MUNPA tries to assist in navigating through the Health, Dental, Travel Insurance options and other Benefits issues. Please don't hesitate to e-mail any questions or concerns to MUNPA at In support of that goal we provide the following pages.

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The pension fund governance model is changing from a Sole Sponsorship to a Joint Sponsorship. Make sure you check out What’s Up with Pensions to ensure you understand what this means to you.


Memorial Retirees Benefits are extensions/modifications of the Memorial employees’ benefits package and include

  • Life Insurance
  • Supplementary Health Insurance
  • Travel Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance

The above insurances are optional, and you must sign up for these benefits upon retirement. In addition, the following insurances are available as part of group plans from Johnsons Insurance.

  • Trip Cancellation, Interruption and Delay Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Homeowner Insurance

Additionally there are benefits around

  • Parking on the various campuses
  • The Works
  • Special wording around the Principal Beneficiary of Retirees
  • Retired Faculty Benefits (MUNFA contract)

The links in the Menu to the left are an attempt to sort the relevant Memorial University Human Resources web pages and links into a structure based on questions received by MUNPA.

This information is as complete as we can make it but may not always be current. It is always best to check out the Human Resources Retirees web page at MyHR Retirees for the complete list of current updates and notices and/or to talk to Memorial University HR if you have specific questions to ensure you get the most accurate and current information for your situation. To facilitate serving you, HR has a Help Centre called MyHR which will be able to assist with all your questions. MyHR Services provides all their contact information.

In addition to the pension and benefits information highlighted here check out for information on Benefits and Deductions, Pay information, Tax Forms, etc.