Bowling with MUNPA

Monthly, 3rd Tuesday, 12 - 1 

Winter 2024 Start - January 16, 2024

Each MUNPA group follows the MUN/MUNPA/Public Health COVID-19 guidelines appropriate to them. Group Leaders will provide details to members as necessary.  For Winter 2024, we are asking bowlers to wear masks if you are comfortable doing so, and if possible we are inserting an empty lane between active lanes.

The Bowling group is an opportunity for you to have some fun at the lanes. Everyone is welcome (and encouraged!) and no bowling experience is required. We form into teams on arrival each week, so there’s room for everyone to join in easily. Bowling, including shoes, is provided at NO COST. We meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 12:00pm - 1:00pm at Holiday Lanes, 27 Elizabeth Avenue, in the strip mall between Lawtons and Pipers. For further information and to join, contact Joanne Myrick-Harris (  New members need to sign up in advance of any monthly meet, you can't show up unannounced as we pre-book needed lanes.

Bowling fun


We’ve booked four lanes for each month and need to ensure that number is adequate. Therefore we check with the group shortly before game day to see who is going.  We have run a group names' list and send out a monthly sign-up email.  If you are not on the, sign up now with Joanne so that you can get that monthly email.  New members need to sign up by the Sunday before the monthly meet.