Parking - St. John's events

Parking on the St. John's (main) campus is available for retirees based upon the guidelines in place for visitors. 

Retiree/Visitor parking links are included below:

The parking office offers an electronic parking permit program for retirees/visitors. The request form can be found here.

Further information on retiree/visitor parking can be found at the CEP visitor parking page here.

Please note: Visitor permits take a minimum of three (3) hours to process.

Parking at the EIX Building, Signal Hill Campus (the old Battery Hotel):  See details near the bottom of our St. John's Events Page, linked here.

Parking for events at The Lantern, 35 Barnes Rd, St. John's: In addition to the limited parking at the Lantern, there is parking on Mullock Street and in the Basilica parking lot (accessible via walkway from the northeast corner of the Basilica parking lot.

Parking for the Marine Institute (MI) campus is managed by the Marine Institute.



October 26, 2022