St. John's Events and Groups

Munpa Meeting

Our Programme Committee (St. John's) offers events in the form of talks and visits on a variety of subjects, and group activities in nine different areas. These are open to all members and you may also have a guest join you wherever you participate.

***Did you know our activities are supported by a membership fee? MUNPA does not receive any other funding, so all our costs are borne by our members.  If you were unaware of this, please consider becoming an active MUNPA supporter. This will help us maintain the full slate of MUNPA services currently available, many at no additional cost to members.  Details on paying the fee (currently just $2 per month) are on our page, ***

Programme Committee Events 

The Programme Committee has a full lineup of exciting and fun events for members each Fall and Winter, running usually from late September into May, with lots of variety.  Our AGM is usually in early June.  We hope to see you at one or more of these events. Our Events menu link on the left has information for all our events. For all these events, pre-registration at required. Just name the event in your subject line.


Please check the MUNPA website News, events calendar and email notifications for news on activities and events.

New Event Suggestions

As always, the Programme Committee welcomes your event suggestions. If you have an idea for a travel session, members’ forum or an outing or expedition, or know someone who does – or could lead one – please send your suggestions to us by e-mailing



Groups normally run from September to May, with some groups running on into June. See the links at the left for all our group details. We have a varied list of groups and you are very likely to find one that interests you.

Can’t find anything you are interested in?

The Programme Committee (St. John’s) is happy to sponsor new groups. If interested in forming or joining a new group – in the past, we have had interest in golf and/or tennis, a singing group, and a games club -- we would be happy to see if others are interested as well. We can arrange a room for your use, provide coffee and tea and -- if needed -- funds to help the group get going. E-mail us your ideas at