Membership Fees

All retirees from Memorial University, and their surviving principal beneficiaries, are automatically members of the MUN Pensioners Association. MUNPA’s role is to advocate on behalf of our members, provide social networking opportunities, social events, and keep our membership informed through email, our newsletter, Your Voice, our website, and our  Facebook MUNPA Group

Funding for these services comes from membership fees of our supporting members. MUNPA's bylaws (Article 8.1) provide for a voluntary, modest, annual membership fee to be set by members at a general meeting (as of June 2012, $2.00 per month or $24.00 annually).

This fee enables us to cover the costs of our talks, group activities, socials, and Annual General Meeting. It also covers the staffing costs in our administrative office and allows us to produce, Your Voice, on a regular basis.

Please consider becoming an active MUNPA supporter so that we can maintain the full slate of MUNPA services currently available.


Membership fees may be paid monthly or annually.

MONTHLY PAYMENTS: Monthly payroll deduction is the preferred option for payment. You can get a deduction form from MUN Human Resources, the MUNPA office, or get a copy of the form here: MUNPA Membership Form 03-2024. A second option is to send MUN HR an email with a request to pay MUNPA membership fees by automatic monthly payroll deduction. To begin paying the membership fee through payroll deduction, please copy the following text to an email, fill in your information and send to Human Resources at and copy to MUNPA at

Subject: Request Payroll Deduction for MUNPA Membership Fee

I, _________________________________,

Employee #:_______________________, hereby authorize the Department of Human Resources to deduct from my pension the amount approved by the MUNPA membership and to remit this amount to the Memorial University of Newfoundland Pensioners’ Association. Note: As of June 2012, the fee is $2.00 per month.

Name: ______________________________________

Date: ____________________________

If Address / Phone Number has changed recently, please provide:
Address: ______________________________________
Phone #: ______________________________________

ANNUAL PAYMENTS: When members cannot avail of the monthly payroll deduction MUNPA accepts annual payment,  paid in advance. As of spring 2021, annual membership fees are due on June 1st. Payment may be made by cheque made payable to MUN Pensioners' Association and mailed to the MUNPA Office address found on our Contact Page.  MUNPA also accepts payments by bank e-transfer. Just send your payment via e-transfer to Be sure to include your email address and the purpose of the payment (e.g. 2021/2022 member fees) in the comment field so we can correctly credit the payment, provide a receipt, or reach you if necessary. A password is not needed as the e-transfer will be automatically deposited into MUNPA's bank account.

Contact MUNPA's office at if you have questions about any of these payment options.