What's Up with Pensions

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What's Up with Pensions is a series of articles to provide our members with detailed information on pension activity.

The pension fund governance model is changing from a Sole Sponsorship to a Joint Sponsorship. Make sure you check out What’s Up With Pensions and Pension Performance Reviewto ensure you understand what this means to you.

The articles are provided by Dr. Jim Wyse, Faculty of Business and MUNPAs representitive on Memorial's Pension Committee. He has been a member of the Pension Advisory Committee for a number of years.

Pension Reform at Memorial, 2020-04-19

Pension Deficits June Vol 3, 2019-06-30

What's up with Pensions?, 2018-09-24

Pension Performance Review, 2018-11-12

Pension Matters, 2019-02-12