Events at Home

Programming at home - Flashback to prior programme events.

As we couldn't offer our usual breadth of events during the pandemic, we looked back in Spring/Summer 2020 at some of our past speakers and site visits. The following are videos, slideshows and galleries from them that can be viewed at home. The materials here are all the property of the providers and not MUNPA. Our thanks go to Gene, Ed, Mark and Tom, in particular for providing materials directly to MUNPA for our usage.

Tom Gordon - Tom presented a travel session on Greenland to us several years ago. With the passage of time, that file has disappeared, so we've tapped into Tom's other abilities! Tom is retired from the School of Music and is sharing a recent presentation he gave, titled Golden Ages - Music in St. John's at the Turns of Two Centuries.

Gene Herzberg - Gene is currently a member of our Shutterbug Group. ( The group's wonderful pictures can be seen at their shutterfly site.) In November 2017 he was a newly retired MUNPA member and we invited him in to present a slideshow of some of his past photographs, titled NL Outdoors. Due to the large size of the file, it's presented here in two parts. It's a beautiful mix of birds and flowers and icebergs and more! NOTE: Due to the large size, the powerpoint slides don't open, they instead will move to download to your machine. The pdf files which are simply copies of the powerpoint should open directly. File 1 - powerpoint * File 1 - pdf * File 2 - powerpoint * File 2 - pdf

Ed O'Reilly - Ed is a retiree of the Government of NL, who now sails around the island making videos. He spoke to us in April 2019, about his boat tour of resettled islands in Placentia Bay. He's given us a new video to view, plus we've links to other videos and an e-document he's made about his sailing trips in NL.

NEW VIDEO – Discovering Northern Peninsula and Southern Labrador by Boat (2019) Part 1

Finding Farley: My Love Story - Farley Mowat visited the Southwest Coast of Newfoundland in the late 1950s and 60s writing about the people and the places. For three summers I have sailed to this area reading Farley's Book "Bay of Spirits A Love Story” and photographing this isolated area. Part 1 Part 2

Time Sensitive - an ePublication on Placentia Bay Part 1   Part 2 -  Note this topic was the basis of Ed's talk to us.

Sailing the Northeast Coast of Newfoundland 2017.  It is about the people and places, the past and present, and the settled and resettled.

April Miller is a local professional organizer. She spoke to us in October 2018 about downsizing and decluttering. She's got a video on her Facebook page about organizing during COVID-19, covering topics like organizing a home office, homeschooling, decluttering while trapped at home. April has an M.Ed in Counselling Psychology (MUN) and this background informs her when giving organizing and other advice.

Mark Graesser is a MUNPA member who gave our October 2017 Travel Session on New Zealand. Mark has an article in the Redirect. about a recent five-day hiking trip through New Zealand. He includes in the story a link to pictures from the trip, showing gorgeous local scenery.

The Rooms is a place we visited twice before the pandemic, November 2016 and 2017, as Remembrance Week events. Both times we were given talks related to the Royal Newfoundland Regiment in WWI. The Rooms has two online exhibits dedicated to the Great War, plus many other exhibits which may be of interest to you. Great War exhibit   The Newfoundland Regiment   All exhibits

We visited the Railway Coastal Museum in January 2020. Their webpage including a listing of all the trains located in NL museums and the like went dormant during the pandemic.  However, they do have a Facebook page as well as a listing on the City of St. John's services page.  You can also find a great deal of information about the Newfoundland Railway, gathered by this museum, but on the site. This is the LINK to the starting page of the Newfoundland Railway section. If you wish to read more, go to the "Railway/Coastal History" link underneath the picture of trains at the top of the page. There's a dropdown menu when you put your mouse over "Railway/Coastal History". There's even more dropdown menus as you move right across the same links bar, don't stop at Railway/Coastal History.

Gower Street United Church hosted us in October 2017, with a talk by our own Jim Hiller, plus Janet Miller Pitt from the church membership. The church congregation has a history going back 200 years, and the building itself is over 100 years old, listed as a Registered Historic Structure. The church has several online photo albums on its website, just scroll to the bottom right of the homepage to the Gallery section.

Len LeRiche of Safety Services NL presented to us in February 2020 on Emergency Preparedness. This talk was planned for any type emergency, and how to prepare at home. By chance, it came right after the State of Emergency we had after the January 2020 Blizzard. Little did we know we would soon face a much larger emergency situation, the COVID-19 pandemic. There were 3 websites listed by our speaker Len as sources of emergency preparedness information for individuals. They are geared towards weather and power emergencies, and are not pandemic related.

Government of Canada  Government of Newfoundland and Labrador   Canadian Red Cross