Academic Staff:

Postdoctoral Fellows:

  • Majeed Abimbola, Postdoctoral Fellow and Sessional Instructor
  • Premkumar Thodi, Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Sunday Adedigba, Risk Assessment and Management Lead
  • Susan Caines, Asset Integrity Modelling and Management (AIM) Lead

PhD Students:

Current PhD students in C-RISE (in alphabetical order) and their research areas are:

  • Alan Hillier
  • Elahe Shekari, Risk-based fitness analysis of degraded process component
  • Eugenio Turco Neto, Advanced Control of Hydrotreating Process
  • Faisal Fahad, Ecological Risk Assessment of Arctic Condition
  • Guozheng Song, Integrated safety and security assessment and management in hazardous operations
  • Jalil Shadbahr, Multi-Objective optimization of bioethanol production from lignocellulosic biomass
  • Mashrura Musharraf, Risk-based human error analysis in evacuation operation
  • Mawuli K. Afenyo, Environmental Risk Assessment during artic shipping
  • Md. Aminul Islam Khan
  • Mohammed Taleb Bberrouane
  • Omit Mehfuz, Hydrotreating of diesel fuel and its advanced control mechanism
  • Shams Anwar, Electrodeposition of Zn-TiO2 and ZnNi-TiO2 Anti-Corrosion Nanocomposite Coatings on Offshore and Marine Structure
  • Xiao Xiong, CFD Applications to Multi-phase Flow

Master Students:

Current Master students in C-RISE (in alphabetical order) and their research areas are:

  • Al Amin, Numerical and experimental characterization of wellbore slugging response for offshore oil and gas industry
  • Karan Bhatia, Safety and Integrity modeling of thermal systems
  • Md. Tanjin Amin, Advanced Dynamic Risk Modeling of Process Operations
  • Mohammad Zaid Kamil
  • Samir Deyab, Failure Modeling and Analysis of Offshore Process Components
  • Sayyedvahid Bamzad, Online Fault Detection and Diagnosis
  • Shaikh Fahim, Fractional Order models and with its input design issues for better estimation of process parameters
  • Prafull Sharma, Developing an model for HDS (Hydrodesulfurization) unit
  • Yousef A. Yousef, Computational fluid dynamics and fault detection in flow lines



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