Somadina Innocent Muojeke

I hold a B. Eng Degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering, First Class Honors from the University of Benin, Nigeria. I have previously worked in Dept. of Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria as a Graduate Assistant and Total E&P, Port Harcourt, Nigeria as an Information Systems and Telecoms Trainee before joining a multidisciplinary research thought related to Subsea leak detection and diagnosis under the supervision of Prof Faisal Khan and Prof Venkatesan Ramachandran at C-RISE, Memorial University. I am hoping to develop probabilistic model for leak detection and diagnosis. My intent is to focus on FO based system. This activity includes streamline Data Acquisition, Processing and Decision making from a Fibre Optic sensing System. I am currently in the M. Eng, Oil and Gas Engineering program.

Research Interests

Fibre Optic sensing systems, Sensor Data Analytics, Subsea Leak detection, Probabilistic modelling

Contact Info

Phone Number : 7097710977
Office : ER4005