Rajeevan Arunthavanathan

Rajeevan imageI am a PhD candidate in process engineering under the supervision of Dr. Faisal Khan at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Currently involve in the early fault detection and failure modelling using advance machine learning approaches to fault detection and failure modelling. I have completed my B.Eng in Electrical and Electronics., and M.Sc. in Microelectronics at the University of Northumbria, United Kingdom. I have more than a six years of postgraduate working experience in academia in the area of Control systems and Automation (Classic control and modern control / state space model), Digital Electronics and Embedded System Design (FPGA and Microcontrollers) and Computer Programming (parallel programming OpenMP, Pthread and MPI).

Research interests

Machine learning Early Fault Detection and Diagnosis Control system Digital system


  1. A Rajeevan, N K Payagala, (2015). Vehicle Tracking and Function Monitoring and Controlling System by Using Mobile Phone. International research and technical symposium, 1/1, 20-25.
  2. Balasooriya S, Arunthavanathan R, Pathmika,G D M, (2016). Colour and two dimensional shape recognition system software for an intelligent pick and place robot arm. In 6th International Research Symposium on Engineering Advancements - 2016. Sri Lanka, 20th May 2016. Sri Lanka: Faculty of Engineering, SAITM. 88-91.
  3. Rajeevan. A, G.D.M. Pathmika, & D. Prabhath (2016) Fuzzy Logic Digital Controller for Industrial Colour Sorting Robot, IESL Annual sessions 2016. Colombo. 375-381

Contact info 

Email: rarunthavana@mun.ca

Office: ER 4015 (C-RISE OFFICES)

Research Gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Rajeevan_Arunthavanathan