Partner Organizations

The research in CRISE- is supported by funding from partner organizations including:


Current Projects

  • Development of Dynamic Operational Risk Management Tool for Processing System (NSERC)
  • Scenario based risk management for arctic shipping and operations (LRF)
  • Modeling of Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) in offshore Petroleum Application in Harsh Enviroment 
  • Safety and Risk Management in Processing Facilities (MITAC)
  • Development of an Operational Risk Management Framework for Marine Operations in Harsh Environment (NSERC Engage Grant)
  • Asset Integrity Field Research (AIFR) Site Development
  • CREATE project for teaching and training on topics related to ocean engineering (leading safety and risk management aspect) (NSERC)
  • Training centre for transforming Australia's naval manufacturing industry (ARC)

Completed Projects

  • An inherently Safer Approach to Dust Explosion Risk Reduction (NSERC) 
  • Study of Thiosalts in Mining and Metal Processing (NSERC)
  • Probabilistic Risk Assessment of Contaminated Sites (NSERC)
  • Implementation of Inherent Safety in Design and Operation of Gas Processing Facilities (Qatar National Research fund)
  • Development of Risk-based Tool for Asset Integrity Assessment and Management (PRAC)
  • Human Factor Risk Assessment during Maintenance Operation (NSERC)
  • Fire and Explosion Modeling in Arctic Condition (ABS)
  • Risk-based Winterization (ABS)
  • Development of Novel Tool Safety and Risk Assessment of Offshore Process Operation (NSERC)
  • Human Factor Analysis in Offshore Oil and Gad Operations (PRAC)
  • OPAL's Health, Safety and Feasibility Analysis in Newfoundland and Labrador Region (Harris Research Centre)
  • Development of an Expert System for HAZOP Study of Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities (PRAC)
  • Development of Tools and Techniques for Safety and Risk Assessment in Oil and Gas Operations (CFI)